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Contact customer service

◎ Join LINE customer service ( @ 032ojcue ).
◎ Provide detailed photos and videos of products to be repaired.

Delivery and collection

◎ Within the warranty: During the one-year warranty period, if any maintenance accidents occur that are not caused by human factors, the company will bear the transportation costs.
◎Outside of warranty: After the machine parts are inspected by our company's maintenance personnel before repairing, and the fault location and quotation are notified, repair accidents caused by human factors will be charged for parts, and an additional shipping fee of 300 yuan will be charged. If the customer is unwilling to submit the product for repair, a maintenance and delivery fee of RMB 500 will be charged.


◎ If you are sure to send it back for repair or replace parts or spare parts during the warranty period, please package the product properly in a carton.
◎ If the warranty period exceeds or the following reasons occur during the warranty period, the company will assess the cart's condition and charge a fee or it will be unable to repair it.

˙Detachable accessories or accessories attached to the body are missing (such as storage baskets, pet boxes).
˙Excludes surface coating, baking paint and electroplating.
˙Fault or damage caused by improper use or failure to follow the instructions.
˙Damage caused by improper storage methods, accidents or natural disasters.
˙The fabric stitches are damaged or cracked after use, and the wheels, frame, and base are corroded due to harsh environmental conditions (including high humidity, ice, and snow) and failure to adequately maintain the product (including mold, insect damage, and sun exposure). Or rusty.

˙The warranty does not cover damage to the push rods, sunroof or padding, holes or tears on the wheels, fabrics and consumable parts caused by normal daily use of the product.
˙Parts that will naturally wear out due to normal use are not eligible for free maintenance during the warranty period. For example, wheels, pedals, grips and armrests, and paint surfaces (frames and parts) are not covered by the warranty.

˙Damage caused by repair actions by unauthorized persons.
˙Damage caused during air freight or other transportation.