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Physical store introduction

pet park

Choose products with confidence in quality, considerate and customized services, attractive prices and innovative life proposals.

Wanda Group has accumulated more than ten years of experience in operating pet products, channels, and services in Taiwan, and continues to optimize, improve, and create a pet life proposal platform that is closest to consumers. Now there are more than 100 directly operated stores in Taiwan.

Lai Ying Fang

The beginning of Lai Ying Fang Group was derived from human needs.

Lai Ying Fang Group was founded in 1971. Based on the business philosophy of "Children are our lifelong career", Lai Ying Fang continues to create various industries that meet the needs of women and children in food, clothing, education and entertainment, providing children with comfortable, high-quality products and fashionable lifestyles.


Mama&Dada, a specialty store of trendy parenting products, was established in 2014 by old boy Gary. It focuses on parent-child experience services and parenting boutique Select Shop.

We hope that fashionable parents who pursue high-end quality can search for good parenting products from all over the world at once.


Haogouming Pet Happy Life City - a one-stop shop for pet supplies, feed, aquarium supplies, live cats, dogs, rats and rabbits, pet grooming, pet medical care, pet accommodation, ornamental fish, and saltwater fish.

Little Milky Way

Little Milky Way「小小・Galaxy」

It is a little exploration of the galaxy created for every baby! Whether it is home life, daily necessities, or educational supplies, we hope to create countless happy and touching moments with you!


Here, you can sit on the floor casually, play with, suck, and pet cats, and enjoy the close interaction with cats.

Whether it's a delicious dessert, a relaxing coffee break, or finding the perfect home for your cat, we're your best choice. Looking forward to your visit!