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Article: List of pet regulations in shopping malls in Taiwan


List of pet regulations in shopping malls in Taiwan

Many people are eager to get out and about and stop staying at home. For those pet owners, an ideal outing option is to take your furry child with you to the mall.

However, different shopping malls have different pet policies, so it’s important to understand each major store’s pet regulations when planning to go shopping with your pet. The following are the pet policies of major shopping malls in Taiwan:

Home Store Pet Policy :

In Taiwan, many home furnishing stores have begun to provide pet-friendly environments. For example, HOLA not only allows pets to enter, but also provides strollers specially designed for pets. Not only are these carts made with your pet’s comfort in mind, they also help keep your store clean and orderly.

Department stores and shopping malls :

Among department stores in Taiwan, most of them, such as Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Sogo, Taipei 101, etc., have adopted pet-friendly policies. As long as you abide by the "no landing" principle, you can bring pets in. This not only provides owners with more choices, but also demonstrates the efforts of these stores to create an inclusive environment.

Pet stroller service at Dajiang Shopping Center :

  • Pet stroller rental: Dajiang Shopping Center provides pet stroller rental services, allowing owners to take their pets to visit the shopping mall.
  • Rental location: The pet stroller rental service is located in the Customer Service Center on the fourth floor.
  • Rental conditions: Rental requires ID card registration, and there are corresponding charging standards. The fee for Dajiang Co-branded cardholders/Chapi cardholders is RMB 50 per time, and for non-cardholders it is RMB 50 per hour. You can get a full discount by presenting an invoice with a consumption of more than 2,000 yuan on the same day.
  • Stroller brand: The pet stroller provided is ibiyaya brand.

Pet stroller service at Lihpao Shopping Center :

  • Pet Entry Rules: Pets are allowed in Lihpao Mall, but they must be carried in a stroller or carrier in indoor areas.
  • Stroller rental service: If the owner does not bring his own pet stroller, Lihpao Shopping Center provides pet stroller rental service.
  • Pet-friendly restaurants: There are many pet-friendly restaurants in shopping malls, but you must abide by the relevant regulations of each store.

Pet stroller service at Taroko Caoya Road Shopping Center in Kaohsiung :

  • Pet stroller rental: Kaohsiung Taroko Caoya Road Shopping Center provides free pet stroller rental services.
  • Pet-Friendly Amenities: The mall has an outdoor area where pets can roam freely, and free dog poop cleaning bags are provided.
  • Pet-friendly restaurants: There are pet-friendly restaurants in the shopping mall, such as the restaurant on the second floor, which provide special pet treatment.

Instructions for pets at Linkou Mitsui outlet :

  • Outdoor area: Dogs only need to be tied on a leash to move freely in the outdoor area.
  • Indoor area: divided into food court, food court open-air seating area and public area. Pets are not allowed in the food court, but dogs are allowed to roam in the outdoor seating area. In public areas, pets need to sit on a stroller.

Things that owners need to pay attention to :

When taking pets to shopping malls, owners should pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Ensure pets behave appropriately in public areas and avoid causing disruption to other patrons.
  2. Comply with the pet regulations of each store and respect the rights of other customers.
  3. Pay attention to the hygiene and safety of pets and avoid accidents in the store.

As society's demand for a pet-friendly environment increases, understanding and complying with the pet policies of major stores will not only allow you and your furry children to have more fun, but also help create a more harmonious shopping environment. Whether you are an indoor pet owner or enjoy outdoor activities, shopping malls in Taiwan offer a variety of options for you to spend quality time with your pet.

Mall name Pets enter Pet stroller service Note
HOLA Exclusive pet stroller
Telly House Provide pet-specific strollers
Yideli Pets are not allowed to land on the ground
IKEA Pets are strictly prohibited
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Adhere to the "no landing" principle
Sogo Adhere to the "no landing" principle
Taipei 101 Adhere to the "no landing" principle
Unified Hankyu Department Store Adhere to the "no landing" principle
Beijing Station Fashion Plaza Pet strollers available for rental
kaohsiung dream era Adhere to the "no landing" principle
Bellavita No pets allowed
Dajiang Shopping Center Provide exclusive pet strollers
Lihpao Shopping Center Provide exclusive pet strollers
Kaohsiung Taroko Caoya Road Shopping Center Provide exclusive pet strollers
Linkou Mitsui outlet Pets are allowed to roam freely in the outdoor areas, while strollers are required in the indoor areas
Yuanbai There is no relevant information about Dayuanbai, please be careful before going.

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